For want of punctuation

Stan Carey - no cycling management

It seems that management have responded a bit too enthusiastically to the recent tax breaks for cyclists.

[more signs]

3 Responses to For want of punctuation

  1. richardsmyth says:

    Some really great stuff on here (I’m a semiprofessional proofreader: omitted commas are papercuts to my soul).
    As a fellow word-geek, you might be interested in the alarming news I’ve just posted here:

  2. Stan says:

    Thanks Richard! I hope your soul has recovered. A simple dash before ‘management’ would have done the job, even if it meant further reducing the font. Better yet: omit ‘management’ altogether – who else would have put the sign up?

    I remember reading the Nabokov quote here; it seems Ambrose Bierce was in on the proto-emoticon business too.

  3. richardsmyth says:

    Cheers Stan – a much more erudite piece than mine… I’ve bunged in a link to it.

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