Old books in an old wheelbarrow

Stan Carey - books in a wheelbarrow

These are props that my friends used in a short film they shot over the weekend. They took the wheelbarrow to a bookshop, filled it with books, and took it for a walk. I can’t tell you where, why, or what happens to the books, because it would spoil the surprise when you watch the film on its international premiere.

Stan Carey - light reflector

Here is a pair of crew members standing over a light reflector. If we had been making a cheap fantasy film it could have served as a Golden Mirror of Mystery. You may be relieved to learn that we weren’t and it didn’t.

Stan Carey - shed interior


My involvement in the film was peripheral, mostly as book lender and set photographer. Depending on what happens in post-production editing, I may have an inadvertent cameo as “tourist who quickly gets out of the way of the wheelbarrow”.

There might also be a cameo by this cat:

Stan Carey - funny cat

The cat made a series of funny faces as it scratched itself against the stub of a shrub. I suggested a career in silent films, and it purred in apparent approval.

5 Responses to Old books in an old wheelbarrow

  1. PK says:

    Don’t sell yourself short, Stan. You were also chief marker-lender. We couldn’t have done it without. (Of course, even with you, we managed not to do it…) But onwards and upwards!

  2. Stan says:

    PK: Oh yes, I’d forgotten about the marker. Without it you might have had to resort to boot polish again. Those poor books.

  3. PK says:

    Jeebus, the boot polish… I’d just about blacked that whole episode out of my memory.

    I am now suddenly debating whether or not to click on Pink Tentacle to my right-hand side. I’m left feeling ambiguous if not downright revolted by each word on its own but when placed together they seem to exert a weird fascination. Maybe I’ll just dive in headlong. Remember me!

  4. Stan says:

    PK: Ha! “Weird fascination” is a fair pre-emptive assessment of Pink Tentacle. It’s laden with strange and wonderful cultural artefacts from old and new Japan. Lots of robots, art history and unclassifiable multimedia goings-on. If you get hopelessly tangled in its tentacles, spray-paint your monitor.

  5. […] 33. how old is my wheelbarrow? [I don’t know, but here's one with books in it.] […]

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