Mis-educational toys

Do you know what a yatch is?

Granted, “yacht” (pronounced “yot”) can be a slightly tricky word to spell: see the internet for evidence. Moreover, its spelling has changed over time. But when it is spelled “yatch” on a mass-market children’s toy that is masquerading as an educational aid, something has clearly gone wrong. Probably a lot of things: the word “umbrella”, for example, which is misspelled “umberlla” in the same set of toy blocks.

You can read reports about this in the Manchester Evening News and the Guardian, if (like Derek Zoolander) you do not want to be distracted by the beautiful celebrities crammed into the Mail‘s sidebar. Note that there is a deliberate and valid use of the “yatch” spelling (e.g. “Get your mis-educated b-hind to a dictionary, b-yatch!”) but this usage occurs in a colloquial and often vulgar context and is likely to provoke consternation in polite society.

2 Responses to Mis-educational toys

  1. Claudia says:

    You should see what the Chinese toy-makers do with the French! And you should see the French on the bilingual cereal boxes which are read at breakfast by the children all over Canada! I used to write to the companies, and correct the mistakes. I stopped because nobody offered me a job!!!! And not even a free cereal box!!!

  2. Stan says:

    I can only imagine what happens with French! And I wonder if your letters were appreciated. It doesn’t seem so, since you didn’t receive so much as a free cereal box in acknowledgement. Some companies are very glad to have mistakes pointed out; others become rather defensive.

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