Link love: language (3)

English-Irish dictionary of bird names.

Linguistic humour in The Simpsons.

Bora Zivkovic on the journalism vs. blogging debate.

A short biography of K. M. Elisabeth Murray (whose wonderful book Caught in the Web of Words I recently read).

A special report on neologisms.

Spelling fish as “ghoti”: did this really begin with Bernard Shaw?

The joy of exclamation marks!

Myomancy (divination from the movements of mice) and other divination terms.

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2 Responses to Link love: language (3)

  1. Excellent links, again. And I’ve learned that there is no limit to the inappropriate things that people can read the future in (forehead lines? onions? urine? boiling an ass head? Hours of fun…)

  2. Stan says:

    Doubtful: If I were feeling mischievous I’d say that no method is inappropriate insofar as it does not cause harm (which rules out burning plants, unless you happen upon them), and if it is successful (but wherein lies the rub). Let me know how your experiments go…

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