Link love: language (5)

Arnold Zwicky on the re-nouning of fail.

The role of Google Books in saving texts from oblivion.

And they say it is a capital offence.

Ben Crystal discusses Shakespeare’s accent (mp3, 7 min.).

The language of birds.

Well, um, y’know, it’s, uh, I mean like…

Julian Jaynes: Consciousness and the voices of the mind (PDF, 286 KB).

Pedantry as “an insistence on reasonable accuracy”.

Stephen Fry bubbling and frothing with joy at language (mp3, 33 min.).

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2 Responses to Link love: language (5)

  1. Claudia says:

    This is a rich post. I’m doing the links one by one. And slowly, because there’s much to read and hear. Of course, I went to the birds first. Fascinating! I already knew parrots could talk, although a ‘much stronger’ vocabulary than what I hear here. It all depends on the owner, I guess. I wish, when the parrot succeeds, the trainer would say “Smart Bird” instead of “Good Boy”. Why not give its due to the birds’ species? Having fun here. Thank you, Stan.

  2. Stan says:

    I thought you would like the bird link, Claudia! I have not read (and listened to) all of it yet, but I will. So far it is very interesting and enjoyable. Yes, “Good boy” is a strange thing to call a bird, but also harmless enough, I think. And understandable: humans anthropomorphise everything, especially other creatures.

    Yesterday I stopped to sit on a rock at the shore for a while; my intention was to finish a book but there were so many swallows about – I was in the middle of their flight path – that I put the book away and watched and listened instead. I wish I understood better what they were communicating to one another!

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