Swanlike boat, boatlike swan

Swanlike boat:

Stan Carey - swanlike boat in Galway

Boatlike swan:

Stan Carey - boatlike swan in Galway

These two photos and the next one were taken last weekend in Galway, Ireland. Photos no.4 to 6 are a bit older. Post edited to add two more photos, one from yesterday and one from March.

Here’s where the boat was (view from Nimmo’s Pier):

Stan Carey - swanlike boat & surroundings, Galway

The swan was just around the corner in the left middleground. Near the centre of the photograph is the Wolfe Tone Bridge, and in the right middleground you can see part of the Spanish Arch. Here is the Spanish Arch from the other side, with a heron and some pigeons – the former a frequent visitor, the latter virtually resident:

Stan Carey - heron at Spanish Arch, Galway

A close-up of the same heron having lunch:

Stan Carey - heron at Spanish Arch 17, Galway

The Wolfe Tone Bridge with the Corrib river in full flow beneath it:

Stan Carey - River Corrib under Wolfe Tone Bridge

And the same bridge from the other end, with traffic in full flow upon it; and a strange combination of poster and graffitum:

Stan Carey - Fascism & tofu at Wolfe Tone Bridge, Galway

Finally, a view of the Long Walk (where the colourful houses are) from Nimmo’s Pier yesterday. The swanlike boat from photos no.1 and 3 above is visible in the left background. Resolution is low, but you might also be able to see a pair of ducks perched on the side of the waterlogged boat, and, near the centre, a fisherman chatting with a boy on a bicycle. The splash of yellow in the foreground is ragwort, I think.

Stan Carey - Long Walk, Galway 694

10 Responses to Swanlike boat, boatlike swan

  1. localdrivinglessons says:

    very nice beautiful pictures , nice places .

  2. Great photos! The turbulence in the river by the bridge is quite extraordinary. And swans are mean little bastards, so I don’t recommend confusing them with boats except at a distance…

  3. Stan says:

    localdrivinglessons: Thank you for the kind comment.

    Doubtful: Thanks! The stretch of the Corrib through the town is popular with kayakers for good reason. And luckily the non-kayakers among us can enjoy turbulent flow for its purely aesthetic and hypnotic qualities. Swans – “mean little bastards”? Probably. I still love them, and feed them, but I tend to keep a more sensible distance since the last close encounter

  4. herself says:

    clever photos Stan! Do you just happen to be in the right place at the right time or do you sit for hours and wait…?

  5. Stan says:

    Thank you, Herself! On this occasion, after noticing the swanlike boat, I only had to walk a minute and wait another minute for a swan to become boatlike.

  6. Sean Jeating says:

    [If only I knew (how) to (quickly) express my thoughts properly. I might comment more often.]
    As for the rapid Corrib: Does it always carry so much water?
    As for your eyes, the association and the title: Chapeau, Stan.

  7. Stan says:

    Sean: The Corrib sometimes carries even more water. Or it only seems to: its flow is less rapid when there is more to carry, so its capacity depends on whether time is included in the calculation.

    Your visits and comments are always welcome, Sean, and the satisfaction of their reception is independent of their frequency. But you already know that!

  8. Laura says:

    That heron is called Arthur by locals. The Claddagh seems to be his favourite location for dining out.

  9. […] Pic: Stan Carey […]

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