Garden haiku



Bright yellow-white cup
Hover ever closer… Now!
Liquid lunch aloft.


(Comments in haiku form, though not compulsory, would please me very much!)

11 Responses to Garden haiku

  1. Claudia says:

    Spring fever invades
    my heart. Alas!…Gray city
    is slow to burst life.

  2. Claudia says:

    Haikus, here and there,
    do not make a garden grow.
    Dig, plant, water, sweat!

  3. I have no haiku
    for although I like you
    it takes too much IQ
    when you’re in my shoe

    Ogdina Nash

  4. Stan says:


    Merci, mon amie
    pour écrire ces poésies
    jolies, pleines de vie.


    Ogdina my dear,
    There’s really no trial:
    Neither Nash nor Lear
    Can boast of your style.

  5. Bellis perennis
    makes a tasty meal for bees
    go on lads tuck in!

  6. Bee hovers ever closer,
    unaware of new
    breed of carnivorous plant…

  7. Z. D. Smith says:

    It’s surely not bad.
    But I always feel a pull
    Towards the moraic.

  8. Stan says:


    From Latin to lads
    in the beat of a bug’s wing
    Seasons change quickly.


    A sinister note
    of botanical hunger —
    white petals or teeth?

    Z. D.:

    Even brevity
    has syllabic heft: its own
    gravity. Welcome!

  9. wisewebwoman says:

    Lemon and yellow
    Dance deliciously on green.
    Above them, blue yawns.


  10. Stan says:


    A burst of colour
    from springtime in Canada!
    Ireland says thank you.

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