Lexiophiles got in touch recently to say that they had compiled their annual lists of top 100 language blogs, and that Sentence first appears in the Language Professionals category. To the kind and mysterious reader (or readers) who nominated this blog: thank you! I’m in illustrious company, and am delighted to see Sentence first appear alongside some of my favourite language blogs.

Lexiophiles’ event, like the Irish Blog Awards, is a fun and handy way to discover new reading material; more specifically, it’s a great way to find new routes through which to explore language. Voting takes place from 12–24 May. Public votes count for 50% of the total; Lexiophiles score the other 50% based on their ranking criteria. To vote for Sentence first or another blog, click here or on the image below, and follow the simple directions.

Vote the Top 100 Language Professionals Blogs 2010

For your browsing pleasure, the other categories are Language Learning, Language Teaching, and Language Technology. You can follow related discussion on Twitter through the hashtag #tlb2010.


14 Responses to Lexiophilia

  1. Claudia says:

    I’m so proud to be part of this blog. You totally deserve the honour, and my vote. I’m also excited that my across-the-ocean vote is accepted. All the best. Félicitations et Bonne Chance!

    P.S. Do you know if the total of votes they gave me meant how many people voted for the blog I just clicked for, or how many people voted all together?

  2. Anne Hodgson says:

    And mine! Thanks for this marvellous blog, a pleasure to read, always enlightening.

  3. Grandad says:

    Moi aussi!

    *goes back to sleep after doing his bit to further the excellence of the Interweb*

  4. Stan says:

    T’es trop gentille, Claudia, et merci beaucoup pour voter. I’m honoured that you read my meandering posts. I often feel that the blog is at its best when I’m not around to interfere, and comments are trickling in with ideas and poems and jokes and other languages, leading to unpredictable dialogues and digressions. P.S. I think the number you saw was the total count.

    Anne: You’re very welcome, and thanks for your kind words and vote: it’s all appreciated! It’s a pleasure to write the blog, but the pleasure would be minor indeed without people taking the time to read it.

    Grandad: Thanks very much! You’re very good to visit and let me know. (I’ve been slack with my comments lately.) Now that you’ve done your good deed, please enjoy a most noble nap.

  5. Grandad says:

    Sure, don’t I read every word that you write, Stan? A lack of comments doen’t mean a lack of lurking in the bushes.

  6. I just voted most impartially for you. You owe me a pint.

  7. Sean Jeating says:

    Well deserved, Stan.

    To the honourable bloggers above and those to follow:
    What about sort of campaigning a bit on our sites by commending our esteemed visitors this and that post of our choice, combined with the request in case they like(d) what they read to head on and vote for Sentence First?

  8. I shall be voting.. can I vote early and often?

  9. wisewebwoman says:

    Consider it done, my friend.
    You are a treat for the eyes and the mind and never fail to unbore my days.

  10. Personally, I don’t bother voting in lexiophiles.com’s annual language blog competition. Mostly because I think there are lots of great language blogs out there, and am not willing to pick one out as a favourite. If they used approval voting (i.e. let people vote for all the blogs they love, not just one), I’d be more inclined to take part.

  11. Stan says:

    Grandad: That’s good to know, and I’ll do my best never to waste your time.

    PFW: Impartial votes count double! Thank you. I’ll order you a pint, unless you’d prefer a can of premixed G&T?

    Sean: Thanks a lot. Whether deserved or not, it’s an honour to be included, and I’m glad of the chance to be able to explore so many new blogs about one of my old pet interests.

    Jams: Thanks very much! You can vote early, but probably not often.

    WWW: You’re very kind. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be able to share my inability to be bored.

    Dragon: I understand your unwillingness. It’s difficult if not impossible to choose a favourite from so many fine language blogs. Maybe bab.la will consider introducing approval voting or a similar system in the future.

  12. demurelemur says:

    Congrats on the nomination Stan!

  13. Stan says:

    Thanks, demurelemur!

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