Lexiophiles’ top language blogs

Lexiophiles have announced the results of their poll/competition for the top language blogs of 2010. I was very honoured to see Sentence first at no. 62 on the overall list, from a total of 495 blogs nominated and over 20,000 votes counted.

Top 100 Language Blogs 2010

The top 100 is a fascinating list, dominated by blogs on teaching and translation but with a few names familiar to browsers of my blogroll. (There’s no way to make that phrase sound pleasant.) I look forward to investigating some of the unfamiliar blogs on the list.

To everyone who voted, thank you; and to my new visitors, welcome!

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10 Responses to Lexiophiles’ top language blogs

  1. Congratulations. A well deserved recognition.

  2. Stan says:

    Thanks very much, Jams.

  3. “Bravo!” she said, dignifying her congratulations with a rare exclamation mark.

  4. Stan says:

    Thanks, PFW! I’m doubly honoured by your gesture, but I’ll resist double exclamation marks.

  5. Claudia says:

    Top 100 Hundred. WOW! And you deserve it, Stan. Hourra pour nous tous. C’est un honneur d’être avec toi. You know what you’re talking about. And you make it so interesting. That’s why we (your faithful followers) and many more voted for you. I’m so glad Sean pointed your blog to his readers on Omnium.

  6. Fran says:

    You deserve it. You take a lot of trouble over your posts.

  7. wisewebwoman says:

    I’m delighted that your lamplit midnight toiling on high stool with quill and papyrus has been honoured by a wider audience, Stan.
    Long may you bask in the glory!

  8. Stan says:

    Claudia: Thank you, it’s an honour to have you reading and commenting! What began as a rather dry bulletin of grammar and usage has become something broader and more fun, thanks in no small part to the thoughtful contributions it receives from you and others. I’m very grateful to Sean for his generous championing of Sentence first.

    Fran: Thanks very much. I can’t always take as much trouble over a post as I’d like to, but freelancing has its advantages!

    WWW: Thank you! There will be no basking, but much toiling in precisely the fashion you describe.

  9. PK says:

    Hey Stan. Well done. Much merited.


  10. Stan says:

    Hey PK. Thank you, sir.

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