Between words



Between Words

a visual poem by K.S. Ernst


2 Responses to Between words

  1. Tim says:

    If you remove some of the lines, it could read: “I design the words, yet every word brightens Absolutely[sic].”

    I’m not sure what it means as a whole, but seeing as it talks about “between the words”, I thought it would make sense to read the words between the words. :)

    And it is brighter at the top, as well as the top layer — that of the words themselves — being brighter than the background.

  2. Stan says:

    Tim: One of the reasons the poem appeals to me is that it resists definitive explanation. Its unexpected turns and disjunctions — not just between words but between phrases and lines — leave room for different interpretations. I like when poems let readers revel in grey areas where meaning is opaque or many-sided.

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