Winter colours

Ireland has had record low temperatures this winter. My corner, the mid-west, has been spared the worst, but we got our share of snow, ice, freezing fog, and biting Arctic winds. All the more reason for long rambling walks…


White snow-creature


Blue snow with tractor tracks


Green field disappearing


Robin redbreast



Orange sky over Galway Bay, with Brent Geese


If you’re in the mood for more, here are some from last winter, and here’s the photo archive.

12 Responses to Winter colours

  1. Jonathan says:

    Cracking photos, Stan! The geese in the beach picture are lovely (and I always find geese funny!) Because ice has made the roads lethal anywhere off the main routes, long rambling walks have been restricted to the lane next door to my house here in Wexford. Although I’m only six miles from the beach, it’s been too dangerous to travel there (either by foot or by car). But it’s finally thawing…

  2. wisewebwoman says:

    Oh the reports out of Ireland are very interesting. Some of my friends not emerging at all but safe with a pile of coal and lots of books.
    Lovely photos Stan, a little milder where you are. Did you get to see the refurbished “Man of Aran” which I’m hearing so much about. It revived in Galway to great acclaim.

  3. Stan says:

    Jonathan: Thanks! It’s true, geese are natural comedians. We’ve been relatively lucky in this part of the island, but the roads and pavements have been difficult and sometimes treacherous. Ice grips for shoes sold out quickly in town.

    WWW: Yes, many people have been hibernating. I don’t blame them, but I need my rambles! It’s been a tough winter in other ways, too — there’s growing deprivation among vulnerable groups. I’m lucky to have a roof and sustenance. I didn’t see Man of Aran, but as an admirer of Robert Flaherty’s film I’d like to catch it sometime.

  4. Sean Jeating says:

    Lovely photos, Stan.
    You do, of course, know that especially one photo let my heart rise like a falcon up to the sky, don’t you? You ‘White snow-creature’ does perfectly fit into what I use to labe as ‘Natural Arts’.

    Interesting, the link you are providing in you reply to WWW, has alo been set by Jonathan, in his recent post. Good on both of you!

    Here we had quite a lot of snow last week and temperatures up (?) till minus 15°C; there’s not much left, though. Within 24 hours almost all of the white beauty has melted away.
    Next Monday, however …

  5. wisewebwoman says:

    Not good news at all on the deprivation front, Stan, thanks for the link. It is a total reversion to the times of my grandparents when the poverty was appalling. I weep for my people.

    Here is the link to Man of Aran.

    Not that I’d tell you what to do now, Stan, but you can catch it tomorrow for me?

    But I’ll forgive you if you can’t.


  6. Stan says:

    Sean: The snow creature immediately charmed me too. Its features and size give it the appearance of a ceremonial icon. It looks almost sentient! The snow has since vanished in the thaw, but I expect more before the year is out. As for the link: if I started writing about the greed, inhumanity, and gross ineptitude of the people running ruining the country, I might not stop, so I’ll bite my tongue on this occasion. They are beyond shame, beyond reason, and probably beyond help.

    WWW: What the SVP reported is probably occurring throughout the country, and growing by the week. Things will get much worse for many people before they get better, if they do at all. Thank you for the link, and for your pre-emptive forgiveness.

  7. Claude says:

    Great photos. You have a good eye. Amazing that you can have such a close-up of a bird, without him immediately flying away. Nice to review your impressive archive, and reread old comments, and answers. You’re so hospitable.

    Truly saddened at people suffering, and angry at politicians’ lack of positive action. Can’t understand that this is happening in front of everyone’s eyes, and nothing is done about it.

  8. Fran says:

    They’re great photos, and I love the blue snow especially.

  9. Stan says:

    Claude: The robin approached me as I sat on a rock on the shore. No one else was around. It came very close and hopped here and there, examining me from various directions. I gave it some crushed nuts and seeds. Ireland’s representatives, by contrast, mainly live in secluded splendour on inflated salaries. There have been protests about the criminal misuse of the country’s finances, but so far to little avail.

    Fran: Thank you. It was the pattern that caught my eye, but the blue deepened in the capture and came out unexpectedly well. It was a crisp and dark afternoon.

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  11. Green field disappearing is so beautiful.

  12. Stan says:

    Thank you, S.E. The green field is South Park. It’s beside the sea, but I had to go right up to the shore to see it that day, so thick was the fog.

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