Writing at Macmillan Dictionary Blog

A few months ago I mentioned writing about man-words for Macmillan Dictionary Blog; recently I’ve written some more there, about other things. My posts have appeared once a week, normally on Tuesday or Wednesday, and it’s time I brought them to the attention of Sentence first readers who haven’t read them and might be interested in doing so.

First I looked at the onomatopoeic word nom, often seen in om nom nom, then (for Valentine’s sake) I briefly explored the word together, chiefly its semantics and etymology. Last week I examined Google’s culturomics/n-grams, a remarkable project based on the Google Books corpus, and this week’s offering is a short survey of variations on vacation that celebrates our fondness for coining new words (like halfwaycation – can you guess what it means?).

The Macmillan Dictionary Blog has many authors who share a passionate interest in words and language; it is well worth a wander around. The archive of my posts is on this page. Comments here or there would be very welcome.

8 Responses to Writing at Macmillan Dictionary Blog

  1. The only potential comment that comes to mind is one that begins “Speaking of dictionaries”, and then continues by describing my internal debate over whether I need a new print one or not. Nothing else to add at this stage. :-)

  2. Claude says:

    We’re so tired of winter. February has been extremely
    cold. Too much snow…Not enough sun…I put your VACATION article on my Facebook, with the tempting photo. I invented two new words: SUNCATION and BEACHCATION. I hope it’s OK.

    This is a very interesting new blog to visit. Congratulations, Stan.

  3. Stan says:

    Dragon: That’s an interesting decision. It might even be a conundrum. What you decide depends on many factors, most of them unknown to me. But good luck!

    Claude: You should invent as many as you see fit. The slight necessary pause in the middle of beachcation makes it sound a bit like “beach occasion”, which I often enjoy. Merci pour ta visite. I hope the sun soon warms the spring air around you.

  4. Fran says:

    I didn’t know about the Macmillan blog. Thanks.

  5. Stan says:

    You’re welcome, Fran. They also have an Open Dictionary to which you can submit words and phrases.

  6. John C says:

    I liked your article on vacation variations. There’s a lot of fun words on this site. I’ll have to bookmark it.

  7. Stan says:

    Thank you, John. Enjoy your explorations.

  8. […] my last report on activities at Macmillan Dictionary Blog, I’ve written several articles there about words and […]

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