Link love: language (28)

All hat and no cattle: a selection of Texan expressions.

The great language land grab.

International Dialects of English Archive.

How language eats brains, and why it matters to language evolution.

Typography in 8 bits.

On the asymmetry of language in the brain.

Is the Associated Press hoping to create a hyphen shortage?

What’s going on with suspended hyphens?

An overview of English in the 20th century.

Brian Dettmer’s book sculptures.

We speak X”, where x = fish, human, tennis, methadone…

The secret life of the pilcrow (¶), parts one, two, and three.

Cartoon cussing in Country & Western.

Dictionary of Newfoundland English (via The Other Side of Sixty).

Spontaneous written narratives by a child with autism (PDF, 1.35 MB).

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2 Responses to Link love: language (28)

  1. Thanks so much for linking to the Dictionary of Newfoundland English! I work at the English Language Research Centre at Memorial University of Newfoundland – it was here that the editors worked on the dictionary from the 1950s-1980s. I started a blog in December 2010 about the dictionary and it’s research materials, called Twig (v. to catch the meaning):
    Perhaps you will find it interesting!

  2. Stan says:

    It was a pleasure, Jenny! Thanks for stopping by. The Dictionary (which I know only online) is a wonderful archive, a rich repository of word lore and culture. I’m very grateful to my Irish-Canadian friend for telling me about it, and grateful now to you for letting me know about your marvellous blog Twig. I believe twig in the sense “catch on, understand” comes from the Irish word tuig, which has the same meaning. Some dictionaries prefer to call twig‘s etymology “unknown”, for reasons unknown.

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