Walked and kept walking



Walked and kept walking
till I saw turnstones
feeding in soft
sunlight falling
on an empty shore.
So I waited there.


[This was originally a tweet in the heel of winter; it wasn’t meant to become a lazy poem. To make it up to you, there are more birds here.]


4 Responses to Walked and kept walking

  1. Claude says:

    What a lovely poem and photo! Thank you, Stan. Also for sending us to your past two posts with such great birds’ photos and comments. As I said before, birds seem to have an instant connection with you, and always pose gently when they see you. It has been a tough winter. Happy spring to all of us!

  2. Stan says:

    Thank you, Claude. I think those turnstones posed gently only because they didn’t see me. They are skittish birds. I had been sitting still for a while when they hopped up on the rock, and I stayed still enough that they didn’t look my way. The photo is a couple of years old now; I needed one to suit the words. But yes, the winter was tough, and the mild days and long evenings are very welcome!

  3. ALiCe__M says:

    I don’t see it as a “lazy poem” at all ! I like its being short simple and to the point.

  4. Stan says:

    Thanks, Alice. I appreciate that. It was better suited to a tweet, but I have written much worse poems!

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