Bookmash: Dead Voices Reading

A new bookmash:



Dead Voices Reading

All the dead voices
Reading in the dark,
Stories of five decades rumble
Tumble in search of memory
Up the line to death.
Almost there.


And an old one (well, from last November):



The News from Ireland

A night to remember
The news from Ireland;
Something under the bed is drooling.


These two bring the bookmash count to 10. Nos. 1–8 are here.

Thanks to the authors: Declan Hughes, Seamus Deane, Hermann Hesse, Joe R. Lansdale, Eric R. Kandel, the war poets, and Nuala O’Faolain (Dead Voices Reading); Walter Lord, William Trevor, and Bill Watterson (The News from Ireland); and thanks also to artist Nina Katchadourian, whose series of Sorted Books got me started.

11 Responses to Bookmash: Dead Voices Reading

  1. M Kenis says:

    I LOVE this! What a simple but wonderful idea that creates little gems…
    I am so tempted to start my own :-)
    How a blog post can make people look forward to dust/reorganize the bookshelves..
    Have you tried this with students? Maybe with their CD’s as they(well mine anyway) don’t have many books …?

  2. Mise says:

    Bravo, especially to Dead Voices Reading. Your slight modification of the line breaks is exquisite.

  3. Stan says:

    M Kenis: Oh, I hope you do! It’s great fun, and easy to play. If you make your own and put them online somewhere, I’ll add a link at the end of my first bookmash post. I don’t have students, but if I did I would certainly suggest it. It works with DVDs too.

    Mise: Thank you very much. I was lucky to happen upon the phrase among the titles.

  4. wisewebwoman says:

    Great stuff, Stan, I love it, must build another one of these :D

  5. Val says:

    I did try to do one of these but it didn’t really work for me. I’ll have another try some other occasion.

    I love the first one and it is impressive as a poem! The second – the last line cracks me up!

  6. Stan says:

    WWW: Thank you. Let me know if you do!

    Val: You have a way with words – I’d love to see what you come up with. Thanks for the kind comment.

  7. Rummuser says:

    Stan, I was pointed in this direction by Val, bless her. I see another blogger friend WWW here, which is not surprising considering her Irish background.

    You can call my blog An Indian’s blog in the English Language!

    My book shelf can do with some TLC too!

    I like what I see and intend pestering you often.

  8. Stan says:

    Rummuser: Thank you, and welcome! No bookshelf can have too much TLC, but few have been treated to book spine poems and nonsense. I will be doing this again, and if you ever do likewise, please let me know.

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  11. […] of these, you may have spotted, is a library book, while another appeared in an earlier bookmash and I still haven’t read it. I discussed Buñuel’s book in a recent post on curses and […]

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