Bookmash: Return (All Summer)

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Return (All Summer)

All summer a place apart,
Remembering light and stone,
Fences and windows
The way that I went –
Another country,
Now that you’re back.


You can find previous bookmash poems here, including links to other people’s. The idea came from Nina Katchadourian’s Sorted Books project.

Featured authors: Claire Kilroy, Dervla Murphy, Deirdre Madden, Naomi Klein, Robert Lloyd Praeger, James Baldwin, A. L. Kennedy.

8 Responses to Bookmash: Return (All Summer)

  1. Mise says:

    Very nice indeed. It makes me wonder what the book underneath is, the one that wouldn’t have added a twist to the poem.

  2. Stan says:

    Emad, Jams: Thank you! Glad you liked it.

    Mise: Thanks! Look away now if you don’t want the mystery spoiled: The book underneath Now that you’re back was Declan Hughes’s All the Dead Voices, which you might remember was used to begin my previous bookmash. Had I appended it to this one, it would have added a quite incongruous and sinister twist.

  3. Claude says:

    Your bookmash poems are always so poetic, Stan.

    La Maison de Claudine

    Cet été qui chantait,
    Bonheur d’Occasion.
    Vingt ans après,
    Le silence de la mer,

    Auteurs présentés:
    Colette/Gabrielle Roy/Gabrielle Roy/Alexandre Dumas/ Vercors. (Pas de photo, hélas!)

  4. Stan says:

    Thank you, Claude, et merci pour ton propre bookmash-poème – c’est bien évocateur. La mer, c’est silencieuse sous la surface, mais sur la plage c’est assez forte!

  5. […] Madden’s novel Remembering Light and Stone (1992), which some of you may remember seeing in a bookmash here a couple of years […]

  6. […] Anniversary’, a story by Claire Kilroy (whose fine debut novel, All Summer, featured in a bookmash here last year). A man wakes up dazed, in a graveyard, confronted gently by an old man who works […]

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