Link love: language (35)

I’m overdue another batch of links, so here it is! These are language-related posts and stories and pictures that appealed to me lately. Most are recent; a few I dug up from the archives. Some of them you might already have read (especially if you follow me on Twitter), but I hope you’ll find something new and interesting.


A noisy alphabet.

Japanese emoticons.

Is towards heading toward disuse?

Chasing pigeons and language acquisition.

What’s the difference between but and though?

So what’s noo: Do you drop your yod?

How to speak hip in 1959.

English has a few new determinatives.

Are there linguistic differences between the sexes?

English is not a parade, and you are not the drum major.

On being persuaded about convince.

The etymythology of nerd.

Names for “@” around the world.

Transgender pronouns.

Blogs in indigenous and minority languages.

The colour of vowel sounds: a synaesthesia experiment.

How language contact changes language (PDF).

Three logicians walk into a bar.

The origins of music genre names.

Llama font.

There’s lots more like this in the archives.

6 Responses to Link love: language (35)

  1. Another excellent set of links Stan! I love the one regarding the names for the @ symbol across the world.

    Perhaps if Arthir C Clarke was still alive he would have written the Nine Billions Names of @. What happens once all nine billion words are published is another matter. Perhaps the internet wiill wink out of existence!

  2. Stan says:

    You have the beginnings of a story there, Jams – an online virus, maybe, using @ to hop from user to user and infect the entire net!

  3. Stan says:

    \(^ ^)/

  4. I’ve already shared this on Twitter but might as well add it here: my test page for the llama font:

    [Transcript: “There once was a font full of llamas whose poses conveyed many dramas.“]

    The site doesn’t display messages longer than this, which saved me the bother of deciding how it should end. Perhaps something like: “Politely they asked for additional grass, but this frightened away all the farmers.” But I’m sure you can improve on that.

  5. Stan says:

    Thanks, Dragon. I’ll have a go at an alternative conclusion. It’s not an improvement on yours, but it will do:

    There once was a font full of llamas
    Whose poses conveyed many dramas.
    Their style? Let me see now –
    Like plump Palatino
    Or Comic Sans wearing pyjamas.

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