Bookmash: Making love, getting busted

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Making love, getting busted,
Memento Mori;
Leaving Las Vegas
In guilt and in glory.


Featuring Muriel Spark, John O’Brien, David Hanly, and (in lines 1 and 2) a host of poets of erotic verse, and people who have been arrested in the U.S.

Maybe the recent limerick contest has rubbed off, but this is the first bookmash I’ve made that rhymes in the traditional manner. To see earlier, non-rhyming efforts, click here; and here for Nina Katchadourian’s original Sorted Books.

8 Responses to Bookmash: Making love, getting busted

  1. Sean Jeating says:

    Good one, Stan.
    Of course, it’s no Limerick. …

    A ha ha ha

  2. Stan says:

    That’s true, Sean: Las Vegas is no Limerick!

  3. chris says:

    These bookmashes are terrific! I’m off to explore my own bookshelves now.

  4. Stan says:

    Thanks, Chris! They’re a lot of fun to put together. Let me know if you make some.

  5. Stan says:

    Thanks, Jams!

  6. Claude says:

    I love books that look like they’ve been read, either by you, or by people before you!

  7. Stan says:

    So do I, Claude! Of the books featured here, I’ve read the top and middle ones, and the other three I picked up in second-hand bookshops over the last few weeks.

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