Plus another thing

I joined Google+ recently, and after a few private posts to suss it out, I’ve been posting everything publicly. The service hasn’t exactly taken off yet – a lot of people I initially followed have dormant accounts – but I see plenty of potential there, and some people are making excellent and busy use of it.

So far I’ve been using Google+ to share (and find) links, commentary, bits from books, poetry, photos and miscellany. Some of this overlaps with my Twitter account, but Google+ enables longer quotes and thoughts. It’s also another way to chat to people online. (Just as well I’m not on Facebook.)

I don’t expect it to affect my blogging time, which is constrained anyway by the demands of freelancing, among other commitments. But if I go a while without blogging, you’ll have one more place to find me. For convenience, there’s a new link in the “Elsewhere” box at the top right of this blog.

Feel free to visit, follow, offer tips, point and laugh, or disregard.

2 Responses to Plus another thing

  1. I like that I can chat with circles–so I don’t bore my techie friends about science, or vice versa. I’m a G+ fan. I’ll go find you there.

  2. Stan says:

    Thanks, Jacqui. It does seem useful for segregating areas of interest. I’ll have to spend more time there to figure out the best way to create and organise my circles.

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