Bookmash: Time, love and summer

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Time, love and summer

A woman speaks
About time, love and summer:
Arrow in the blue;
Land of milk and honey,
Sixpence in her shoe.


With thanks to the authors: Anaïs Nin, Paul Davies, William Trevor, Arthur Koestler, Bríd Mahon, and Maura Treacy; and to Nina Katchadourian, whose Sorted Books project started it for me.

Update: More, from Twitter: a gardeny one by @HarrietRycroft, and a stargazing one by @ozalba.

City of Lu has joined in, with a brace of funny examples.

Jessie Jessup has gone full throttle nerd swoon for book mash poetry — and offers six more here.

Chris Galvin felt National Poetry Month was the perfect excuse for her second book spine poem. And another: ‘Old Beijing‘.

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19 Responses to Bookmash: Time, love and summer

  1. Harry Lake (age 66, freelance translator since 1972) says:

    Very nice!

  2. Stan says:

    Harry, Mieke, thank you both!

  3. That’s wonderful! I’d like to try this sometime but unfortunately most of my books are packed away. . . but not all of them.

  4. Claude says:


  5. Stan says:

    Ashley: It’s fun to play with titles like this. I know what you mean about books being packed away (most of mine are in storage elsewhere), but two or three are enough if they go well together.

    Claude: Glad you like it!

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  7. cityoflu says:

    what a fun idea!

  8. Stan says:

    Endless fun! Thanks for joining in. Yours are great; I’ve added a link above.

  9. eslnotes says:

    really great archive you have! hope you don’t mind created a list #bookmash for more access.


  10. Stan says:

    Thanks, Mura. At first I called them book spine mashups, then Adrian Morgan used the term bookmash: this was a much catchier and more suitable word, so I adopted it.

  11. chris says:

    Love this one! Thanks for including the link to mine.

  12. Stan says:

    Thank you, Chris! I liked yours too. I was reading Hesse recently (Knulp) but I haven’t read the one you used.

  13. Oh, Knulp! Did you enjoy it, Stan? I did, very much.

  14. […] Carey has just posted a book mashup on the timeless topics of time, love and summer, along with some links to mashups by others who have joined in the […]

  15. Stan says:

    Ashley: Yes, I liked it a lot. Though my Picador copy has a very strange cover.

  16. That’s the edition I have too. And you’re right, it is an odd choice for the cover.

  17. […] Sixpence in her Shoe, published by Poolbeg Press in 1977. I used it as the last line in a bookmash a couple of months […]

  18. […] book, by the way, featured in a book spine poem here a couple of years ago. I had only dipped into it then, but recently read it through […]

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