Link love: language (41)

A score, and no more, of links on words and language. As always, you’ll find some old, some new, some borrowed, some blue.

Origin of the gender symbols ♀ and ♂.

“The parchment is hairy.” Medieval marginalia.

Rude Irish place names.

Die, dice, and the strange limbo between count nouns.

“I’m afraid I’ve caught poetry.”

Perverse + proverb = perverb.

“Yoghurt retains a health halo”: translating PR jargon.

Is divissive divisive?

On the AP’s “fuddy-duddy prohibition” of spokesperson.


The inaugural World Palindrome Championship.

Handmade Type: an experiment in gesture.

On scolding someone in an Irish accent.

The etymology of summer.

The trouble with automated grammar-checking software.

How baseball gave us jazz.

Dirty Words: slang and the Victorian fixation with dirt (PDF).

Are young women trendsetters in vocal patterns?

Interactive map of the world’s undersea internet cables.

The squabble over Pirahã.

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  1. […] been more than a month since my last linkfest. Time for another assortment of language-related reading material. (And, at the end, […]

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