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I realise that my exciting career as a freelance writer and editor is of little interest to the world at large. But if you have a few minutes to kill and you take a notion, here is an informal Q&A I did with the good people at Copyediting newsletter.

Online editor Dawn McIlvain Stahl asked me about job satisfaction, the influence of science, who would play me in a Hollywood film, and other things. I’m told I make the lifestyle sound serene, and I guess I do, but only because (being a glass-quarter-full sort) I left out the stressful parts.

Copyediting have a whole series of these interviews with editors, which you’ll enjoy browsing if the subject interests you.

13 Responses to Interview at Copyediting newsletter

  1. Eric Suesz says:

    Wasn’t aware of these interviews. I love this kind of stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Laura Payne says:

    I did take a notion and I’m glad I did. That was an enjoyable and informative Q&A. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Stan says:

    Eric, Laura, you’re very welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. stuartnz says:

    I have a whole new appreciation and affection for your noble art after reading a mammoth piece of fanfiction over the weekend. Nine hundred pages that would have been gripping as 700, I now know editors to be the undersung heroes of literature.

  5. alexmccrae1546 says:


    Thanks for sharing your informative Q&A. I can appreciate where your science hat could inform your editing pursuits.

    Frankly, I think you may have short-changed yourself in claiming you’re more of ‘a glass-1/4-full’ type guy. IMHO, you are definitely a solid ‘glass-half-full’, generally positive, inspired, and inspiring individual. (On occasion, your cup even runneth over.)

    I enjoyed reading some of the other copyeditor profiles/ interviews. One, in particular, struck kind of close to home, reflecting the volatile and challenging state of the publishing trade these days.

    Amy K. Hooper, Editor-in-Chief at BowTie Inc., handles a whole collection of magazines, including one of my favorites, WILDBIRD, which I’ve subscribed to for maybe three years. A bird-watchers must read.

    In the course of her interview she was almost gushing about her work on WILDBIRD, having initially gone from a complete non-birder to an avid bird lover and bird advocate over the tenure of editing this publication.

    Sadly, WILDBIRD recently informed subscribers (including me) that they would no long be publishing (or mailing) the magazine, and that the Sept./ Oct. issue would be their last, after a 26 -year run.

    Thankfully, Ms. Hooper has a handful of other magazines within her editing purview–their Popular Series on Farming, Gardening, and the Kitchen. (All newsstand distributed.)…. oh, and Popular Birds, as well.

    So at least they didn’t throw out ALL the birds with the proverbial birdbath water.

  6. wisewebwoman says:

    Well done, Stan, a great interview.


  7. Stan says:

    Stuart: Oof. Even a very short novel can drag if it’s not edited well; for a 900-pager, good developmental editing is indispensable. (What I do is mostly copy-editing.)

    Alex: Thank you, but I think you’ve misinterpreted my ‘glass-quarter-full’ remark: I meant that even with very little in the glass, I tend to be grateful for what’s there. (I wasn’t always blessed with such a positive bias.) That’s a pity about Wildbird. I know Amy on Twitter and enjoy her nature- and language-related musings.

    WWW: Thanks very much for reading it.

    • alexmccrae1546 says:


      Appreciate the clarification on your ‘glass-1/4 full’ remark.

      So your notion may translate more in the vein of the old adage, ‘Thank heavens for small mercies’… or maybe not?

      I’m of the opinion that it’s the seemingly little, mundane pleasures in life that can sometimes bring the greatest inner joy.
      Even savoring that half-full cup-o’-mornin’ joe, the metronomic-like wag of our greeting dog’s tail, or the purring of our cuddling pussy cat. Maybe finding that almost perfectly smooth pebble on the beach.

      For me, it doesn’t take that much, and I’m happy.

      Indeed, Amy sounds like a very interesting gal. Seems like she still has a full work plate though, managing all the magazine editing chores over at BowTie Inc.

      Enjoy the remains of the week.

  8. Delightful to read, Stan. Thanks for sharing! Being self-employed can be stressful, I’m very glad you have been able to create a sustainable work-life that we all get to enjoy!

  9. […] will be familiar to you. Anyone in the mood for even more can read earlier interviews I did for Copyediting newsletter and the WM Freelance Writers […]

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