Bookmash: The Holy Door


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Stan Carey - bookmash book spine poetry - The Holy Door

Black hole, the long falling
Darkness peering, portable darkness –
Tidal dreams, grotesque dreams,
The holy door on Green Dolphin street.


Featured authors and editors: Charles Burns, Keith Ridgway, Alice Blanchard, Aleister Crowley and Scott Michaelsen, Eugene Percival and Wayne Harlow, Natsuo Kirino, Carl Jung, Frank O’Connor, and Sebastian Faulks. With thanks to Nina Katchadourian for the idea.

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15 Responses to Bookmash: The Holy Door

  1. kcecelia says:

    Lovely. Your book spine poetry is some of my favorite because of your use of line breaks.

  2. alexmccrae1546 says:


    Great way to start off the New Year w/ a Bookmash.

    Kudos on your “Holy Door” ‘assemblage’. Very evocative, and slightly on the eerie side, yet visually compelling. “Green Dolphin St.”, indeed.

    I couldn’t help getting a little chuckle from the utter slimness of your copy of “Tidal Dreams”, which almost got lost, there, in the stacking. Had to do a double take there. HA! (I’m guessing it may be a modest anthology of poesy.)

    At any rate, I’ll likely contribute one, or two ‘bookmashes’, anon, e-mailing you the short-stack ‘spine’ visuals for posting.

    Have a great remains-of-the-week, Stan.

  3. Stan says:

    Katherine: Thank you. This one took a while to settle. It’s not a great example, but it will do.

    Alex: It is a little eerie, yes, for a change. You’re right about Tidal Dreams: it’s a slim (44 pp.) “Anthology of Seven Poets” resulting from a series of writing workshops in County Mayo, Ireland, in 1995.

  4. alexmccrae1546 says:


    Here’s my first New Year’s bookmash, with visual to follow via e-mail.

    I don’t know if the ending is all that satisfying, but it can’t be all bad considering the great James Harriot is bringing up the rear, if you will. What a fine raconteur, and compassionate soul he was.


    “Inward Bound”

    The Book of imaginary beings,
    The way of the masks,
    Where the spirits dwell
    Inward bound,
    Peace is every step,
    All creatures great and small.


    Authors, top-to-bottom—- Argentine novelist Jorges Luis Borges, ethnologist Claude Levi Strauss, explorer/ anthropologist,Tobias Schneebaum, psychologist (?) Sam Keen, Buddhist sage, Thich Nhat Hanh, and veterinarian/ author, Dr. James Herriot.

  5. Charles Sullivan says:

    If we look at only authors’ names we can get this at least: Charles burns Keith Ridgway. Ouch!

  6. Stan says:

    Charles: Ouch indeed. Less painfully, there is: Jung O’Connor Faulks.

    Alex: Thank you. Here’s your bookmash. The flower is a suitable touch.

  7. What an interesting and eclectic selection, Stan.

  8. alexmccrae1546 says:


    Here’s a followup bookmash I intimated might be in the works. (I’m a man of my word. HA!)

    This offering kind of speaks to my abiding passion for our fine feathered friends and how for millennia they have fascinated, and piqued our imaginings, and our longings to be free spirits, yet ever anchored, earthbound, by our feet of clay.

    “Where the Birds Are”

    Prodigal summer,
    I remember the road less travelled
    Where the birds are
    The new dinosaurs.


    Author acknowledgements, top-to-bottom– Barbara Kingsolver, Dan Rather, M. Scott Peck, M.D., Anthony Storr, Robert J. Doezal, and last-but-not-least, incredibly gifted L.A.-based illustrator/ author, William Stout.

    Curiously, many leading scientists are more and more convinced of the close lineal links between our modern birds and ancient dinosaurs; and that, in essence, our avian creatures of today are in point of fact, mini-dinosaurs. Fascinating stuff.

    (Will send along bookmash short-stack visual via e-mail, Stan.)

  9. Stan says:

    Ashley: It is an eclectic pile, though I’ve read only half of this set so far.

    Alex: Another fine contribution! Thank you. I especially like the evolutionary reference, and the egg is a very apt crown.

  10. wisewebwoman says:

    A giddy smash
    Your great book mash.


  11. Sean Jeating says:

    Always a pleasure. Thank you, Stan.

  12. Stan says:

    WWW: I must find my stash; give another a lash.

    And thanks, Sean. It’s always fun to play around with titles like this.

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  15. […] in sequence and reading their titles correspondingly.  The podcast referenced language blogger,Stan Carey, who has a nice little collection of bookmashes on his page, but Stan thanks Nina Katchadourian, […]

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