Bookmash: Cat and Mouse Semantics

It’s a couple of months since I made a bookmash, so here’s a new one.

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stan carey - bookmash - cat and mouse semantics


Cat and Mouse Semantics

Fledgling sense
And sensibility,
Cat and mouse semantics,
Nomad codes,
Walkabout to school
Through the fields
In the land
Of invented languages.


Thanks to the authors: Octavia Butler, Jane Austen, Günter Grass, F. H. George, Erik Davis, James Vance Marshall, Alice Taylor, Arika Okrent.

More in the bookmash archive. From an idea by Nina Katchadourian.

8 Responses to Bookmash: Cat and Mouse Semantics

  1. Sean J. says:

    Another good one, Stan. : )

  2. Stan says:

    Thanks, Sean. This one started with Alice Taylor.

  3. alexmccrae1546 says:

    Here’s my offering for this installment of your bookmash exercise.*

    “Just Looking”

    About looking
    Under the eye of the clock
    The shadows of light
    Just looking
    Where the spirits dwell

    Authors in order of ‘stacking’, (top to bottom), are John Berger, Christopher Nolan, Terry Busch (Editor), Malcolm Gladwell, John Updike, and Tobias Schneebaum.

    *Stan, I’ll e-mail you a photo of my ‘short stack’, toute suite.

    I thought your latest bookmash (“Cat and Mouse Semantics”) was especially evocative, and well thought out. With your inclusion of the word “walkabout” I was immediately transported to the barren Australian outback, and the followup “invented languages”, for me, underlined the plethora of various Aboriginal dialects and language forms ‘invented’ Downunder over the millennia.

  4. Stan says:

    Thanks, Alex. This one coheres a bit better than some I’ve done. I like yours, too, and have added it below. Glad to see Under the Eye of the Clock again; I alluded to it in a post about Roger Ebert and speech a couple of years ago, which you might enjoy.

  5. alexmccrae1546 says:

    Yet another book mash-up… for what it’s worth.

    Perhaps an ode to the vicissitudes (and pleasures) of living life on the edge?

    “The Dance of Life Passages”

    The Dance of life passages
    The agony and the
    Growing up absurd
    Borderliners book of

    Stan, since I kind of took your lead, here, from your last ‘bookmash’, where you let one title deftly merge with another, I’ll list the authors in conjunction with their respective titles… to avoid confusion. (Of course, an accompanying graphic of the stacked books would add clarity. I’ll be sending along a photo, ASAP.)

    -The Dance of Life— Edward T. Hall
    -Passages— Gail Sheehy
    -The Agony and the Ecstasy— Irving Stone
    -Growing Up Absurd— Paul goodman
    -Borderliners— Peter Hoeg
    -Book of Longing— Leonard Cohen

  6. Stan says:

    Graphic duly added, Alex, with thanks! I see it as a reflection on life generally, be it spent on the edge or not. And on loss; much is suggested.

  7. […] no special theme, but some have been explicitly linguistic, e.g. Evolution: the difference engine, Forest of symbols, The web of words, Ambient gestures, and Cat and Mouse Semantics. […]

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