Link love: language (54)

Another month means another selection of language and book links, the latest batch including tiny libraries and great secrets, badgers and Moo Fields, jive and wiki. Something for everyone, I hope.

Slim Gaillard’s jive dictionary.

Preserving the Texas German dialect.

Favourite sentences.

The world’s tiniest library.

(Not counting Marc Giai-Miniet’s.)

On slipping a phrase into the language.

Throwing cold water on “ultraconserved words”.

Phonetic analysis of Marge Simpson’s disapproval-sound.

Watching badgers, not inhaling: 10 scandalous euphemisms.

Explaining the Latin jokes in Asterix (h/t LanguageHat).

Indian languages as a primer on historical linguistics.

The Pig Latins of 11 other languages.

Wiki: a word’s journey.


What can we learn from children’s writing?

The role of editors in codifying Standard English.

“Because I say so!” The trouble with Gwynne’s grammar.

Cunning Geo, Moo Field: amazing place names of Orkney and Shetland.

How learning a foreign language reignites the imagination.

N.K.Y.S.A. (Nobody knows your stupid acronym.)

On descriptivism and grammaticality.

Why do we say Yeah, no?

All the headlines from The Simpsons.

“Herein lies the great secret: Thought is made in the mouth.” (A Dada manifesto by Tristan Tzara.)

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4 Responses to Link love: language (54)

  1. Thanks for the link, Stan!

  2. Today I arrived home from a week of excitement, the highlight of which was meeting my new niece, who was born in late May. Blog post pending. I’m now going through the list of articles I bookmarked while I was away.

    I believe I recently heard someone refer to “googling” as something that slightly older babies do — a variant on “babbling”, presumably. Ties in with the wending ways article.

    On the pig latin article, in Australia the dominant version (at least for my parents’ generation) is Arpa-Arpa Language, in which the syllable “arp” is inserted before each vowel. I like to challenge people to say “sarsaparilla”. Few can.

    I’m bookmarking two articles to read when I’m less tired and have a shorter queue: world’s tiniest library, and role of editors.

    • Stan says:

      Welcome back, Adrian, and congrats to your sister and to you all on the new arrival. I saw a lovely photo on Twitter and look forward to the blog post.

      Thanks for adding the Arpa-Arpa language to the set. I imagine “googling” in the context of baby noises comes from “goo-goo” (Wiktionary has a few examples of its use).

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