Sentence First shop – where grammar is glamorous

If you read this blog on its web page (as opposed to via email, say), you may have noticed a new image in the sidebar, and a new page, linking to the Sentence First shop. It now has a .com address only; I closed the .ie page for simplicity’s sake.

The shop has bags, T-shirts, hoodies and other clothes, badges, mugs, and more. Its general themes are wordplay, language, and bad puns. Omit needles swords, for example, is a spin on Strunk and White’s popular dictum Omit needless words. Less cryptic ones include:

Grammar is glamorous (etymologically speaking)


Recursive hipsters were into being into things before they were hip before it was hip

stan carey - sentence first shop - Grammar is glamorous (etymologically speaking) purple t-shirt I’ll be adding more from time to time.

If you want some item that isn’t shown, email or tweet me or leave a comment below, and I’ll see what I can do when time allows. Other feedback will be happily received; cries of “capitalist sell-out” are also permitted.

Spreadshirt, the shop’s host, has a special offer from today, Tuesday 10 September, till a week from now – free standard shipping when you buy two or more items. Just use the voucher code FALL2013.


12 Responses to Sentence First shop – where grammar is glamorous

  1. Mise says:

    Good luck with the new shop, Stan! A fine set of wares. My favourite customer service slogan ever is the one used by Despair, Inc., ‘We’re not satisfied till you’re not satisfied’. So perfectly reasonable upon the first reading.

  2. Stan says:

    Barrie: Thanks for the good wishes. I bet that T-shirt will be sported more often than not with a total lack of irony.

    Mise: Thank you! I won’t be satisfied till I have a slogan that isn’t less disunsatisfying than that gem.

  3. Barrie says:

    I fear that may be so, Stan.

  4. wisewebwoman says:

    good luck with this venture Stan, items are great and reasonably priced!


  5. Stan says:

    Barrie: The ambiguity might even have been deliberate.

    WWW: Thanks very much. The original (.ie) shop’s prices compared to the US version’s were another motivation for closing it.

  6. alexmccrae1546 says:

    @Stan. First off, congrats on expanding your repertoire into this entrepreneurial direction. Quite the array of charming, and lexicographically pertinent items for sale. at, (as WWW earlier opined), relatively reasonable prices…. even for this expat Canuck w/ thrifty Scottish blood coarsing through his veins.

    I particularly like the block-like letter/ slightly-askew-squares approach to your clever OMIT NEEDLES SWORDS motif, which immediately reminded me of Scrabble tiles, but without the number value indication, of course.

    And clearly, unlike a set of Scrabble words laid correctly out on the board, these three stacked words here only read horizontally, and not vertically, as well, as is the rule in my favorite wordplay game… other than my regular Sunday crossword puzzle in the “Arts & Books” section of the Sunday edition of The L.A. Times.

    I think I’ll be purchasing at least one of your OMIT NEEDLES SWORDS T-shirts, anon.

    Best of luck w/ your spin-off enterprise, Stan.

  7. alexmccrae1546 says:


    Immediate poster’s remorse.

    Doh! That should have read “coursing”, and not “coarsing” (no such animal) “… through his veins.” Oh well.

  8. Stan says:

    Thank you very much, Alex. Yes, I’m quite taken by the chunky blockletter typeface too, and I think it goes well with the Strunk & White mutation. When I can free up some time, I hope to add a few more items with that text.

  9. Sarah Taggs says:

    “Recursive hipsters were into being into things before they were hip before it was hip”

    What a hoot! I need to get that quote on a shirt immediately!

  10. […] a few months since I launched the Sentence first shop, and also since I mentioned it, so a brief plug before Christmas won’t go amiss […]

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