Top 100 language lovers 2014

Language portal is having its annual “Language Lovers” poll. I’ve placed well in recent years but I don’t read much into the results; nor should you. Twitter’s “Follow Friday” is used as a scoring metric, for example, despite being as spammy and arbitrary as it is edifying.

Still, it’s a bit of fun and a fine way to discover new language-related resources. You can vote for Sentence first – or a blog of your choice – in the Language Professionals poll, and if you’re feeling generous you can vote for @StanCarey in the Language Twitter Accounts poll.

Macmillan Dictionary Blog, to which I’m a contributor, appears in the Language Learning Blogs list. There’s good browsing material on all these pages. For more information about the competition, go here. Voting ends on 9 June.

8 Responses to Top 100 language lovers 2014

  1. Done and done. I take it the cheque is in the mail?

  2. Done, done and done. Champagne, at both ends, with the results!

  3. Stan says:

    Stuart and Claude, thank you both very much! I hope a virtual toast over your beverage of choice will be enough. Mine’s a fresh mug of tea.

  4. wisewebwoman says:

    Done and dusted Stan!


  5. Alina Cincan says:

    Of course you ranked well. I’m sure you will this year too. I, like many others, love your blog and you should definitely be in any language top (existing or future). You definitely have my vote for both blog and Twitter.

    A virtual toast is in order, I hope :) (our blog and Twitter have also been nominated, so we need to celebrate). Champagne, wine or something stronger? And no, you can’t toast with tea.

    • Stan says:

      That’s very kind, Alina, thank you – and well done on making the lists. If I really can’t toast with tea, even a herbal concoction, I’ll raise a glass of wine: to language and our exploration of its great beauty and variety.

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