Photo challenge: Dancer on the door

On the Daily Post blog, Cheri Lucas Rowlands has invited WordPress users to share photos of doors as part of a photo challenge. For a break from my usual subjects, I’m joining in with a repost from 2010, just because.

Doors, Cheri writes, can be a source of beauty in the mundane, and in this case I love how an old building with a certain mournful, dilapidated charm was briefly transformed by an anonymous street artist into something quite magical.


Years ago a ballerina appeared on a door on Dominick Street in Galway, Ireland.


graffiti - dancer on the door, Dominick St. (detail) - Stan Carey*

Sadly, she’s not there any more.


graffiti - dancer on the door, Dominick St. (medium) - Stan Carey*

I think she clicked her heels three times…


graffiti - dancer on the door, Dominick St. - Stan Carey*

…and woke up somewhere else.


no dancer on the door on Dominick St. Galway - stan carey*

Here’s the original post. I’ve changed the text slightly.


7 Responses to Photo challenge: Dancer on the door

  1. Vinetta Bell says:

    Good morning/afternoon, Stan:
    For some reason, both the ballerina (her pose, her sense of presence, her normality) and your wording (‘she woke up somewhere else”) resonated with me. I thought of many young women (and men) with dreams and fantasies who “woke up somewhere else.” Well, that’s certainly one way to start my day and week. (smile) Take care, and thanks for your varied and interesting posts.

    • Stan Carey says:

      Good evening, Vinetta. I found that the ballerina completely changed the tenor of the building and that part of the street. It’s a pity she didn’t stay around longer, but maybe she’ll wake up in Galway another day.

  2. wisewebwoman says:

    Covent Garden. Without a doubt.

  3. Beautiful! both the visual and your words.

    You brought a smile to my face. Thank you for posting this.

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