Book spine poem: Travelling shoes

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stan carey book spine poem - travelling shoes*

Travelling shoes

Heartsick, left for dead
The Italian girl
Alone in Berlin.
All God’s children need
Travelling shoes:
Travels in dreamland,
Other people’s shoes.


Thanks to the authors: Chelsea Cain, Nick Ward with Sinéad O’Brien, Iris Murdoch, Hans Fallada, Maya Angelou, Phil Patton, and Harriet Walter; and to Nina Katchadourian.

See the archive for older book spine poems, aka bookmashes, and let me know if you join in the game.


14 Responses to Book spine poem: Travelling shoes

  1. nugget59 says:

    I like the “bookmash” idea – never heard of it. Great poems (went back and looked at older poems too). I certainly have a lot of books and imagine I will now try to compose with them. Thanks for the idea.

    • Stan Carey says:

      Thanks, nugget. When I first saw it done, by artist Nina Katchadourian, I was surprised I’d never encountered it before. It’s a great way to pass time with one’s books, between reading them.

  2. wisewebwoman says:

    I think it rather perfect without the last two lines.


  3. Mary says:

    Well done! (I thought the last two lines added something quite nice.)

    I’ve done a couple of these in the past year that I don’t think I’ve mentioned here: and Thanks again for introducing me to the concept.

  4. DGHDelgado says:

    This must be fun. I’m inspired to go to the library, not read, just grab books and see what happens.

    • Stan Carey says:

      It’s a lot of fun – though it can be a little tricky (or at least time-consuming) to arrive at one that flows, satisfactorily, since so many titles are just noun phrases.

  5. astraya says:

    Because I bought so few books with me, the best I can do at the moment is ‘Korea, the complete works of William Shakespeare’.

  6. […] that Other People’s Shoes featured in a bookmash here a few months ago. Sometimes doing that bumps a book up the reading pile, even if it is […]

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