‘You just say what’s in your squanch’

Last year I shared a scene from Rick and Morty that contained a series of nonsense words like plumbus, schleem, and blamf. It was probably my least popular post in years. Undeterred, I’m featuring the show again. (I hadn’t seen it in November; now I have.)

In an episode called ‘The Wedding Squanchers’ we’re introduced to the cat-like character Squanchy on Planet Squanch and, more to the point, to the improbably versatile word squanch.

The word’s hyperpolysemy quickly becomes a running gag. Squanchy tells Rick his house party is squanchy and that he likes Rick’s squanch (style, I think). Then a specific verb use of squanch takes us into adult territory. Well, it is Adult Swim.

Rick and Morty - The Wedding Squanchers on Planet Squanch - Adult Swim

The (sfw) clip below shows the main characters arriving for the wedding and meeting Squanchy, whose ensquanché! is equivalent to French enchanté.

One of the group, Beth, is new to squanch, and Rick’s explanation (‘Squanchy culture is more contextual than literal – you just say what’s in your squanch, and people understand’) leads her horribly astray. The perils of unfamiliar foreign words:

The reference to ‘the smurf thing’ is explained here.


16 Responses to ‘You just say what’s in your squanch’

  1. hmunro says:

    Thank you for not being deterred by the lack of squanch to your previous squanch on nonsense words. Playing with language is one of the key indicators of creativity — and clearly you have that in spades. :)

  2. Jim Grey says:

    Props on calling out Rick and Morty. When watched that episode and saw that scene, I was ready to roll my eyes, because it reminded me of The Smurfs (and I’m old enough to remember that show when it was first run) — and I hated the smurfy smurf language in that show. And then R&M referenced The Smurfs and I laughed and it let the pressure off.

    And then I had to explain the joke to my 16-year-old son.

    • Stan Carey says:

      The Smurfs didn’t occur to me until I heard the reference. I watched it as a kid but have mostly repressed it – except for the theme tune, which cannot be erased from my brain.

  3. Virginia Simmon says:

    Squanchily delicious.

  4. John Cowan says:

    Then there is the famous “Chicken Chicken Chicken” talk (paper, YouTube).

  5. Wait…squaunch is a real word. It is.

  6. Mrs Fever says:

    I remember the plumbus post! I had never seen that particular Adult Swim item before, and I shared it shamelessly. :D

    Loving the squanchness. :)

  7. David Healey says:

    Thanks for the squanch.

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