Link love: language (66)

I haven’t done language links in a while, so I’ll share this set before it grows to an even more unwieldy size. The series is a sample of the links I share more regularly on Twitter, plus a few I haven’t. Happy reading.

Upside-down N.

A typeface made of trees.

How to make text look futuristic.

The language faculty that wasn’t.

The case for Black over African American.

A book known to the world only in translation.

Why does Britain have such bizarre place names?

Nouns that become verbs act as vivid linguistic shortcuts.

Gorillas compose happy songs that they hum during meals.

We don’t just see the world differently – we hear it differently too.

Thesis on the use of phonaesthemes (PDF) in different genres.

Analysing the somniloquies of a prolific sleep-talker.

Does bilingualism really offer cognitive benefits?

Why I stopped mispronouncing my Igbo name.

Can the Klingon language be copyrighted?

On being a white-sounding black person.

Gutenberg poetry autocomplete.

What is alphabetical order for?

Can transpire mean happen?

The island of lost words.


Surprising homonym pairs.

The enduring mystery of jawn.

The woolly origins of teddy bear.

The delightful history of -gh- in English.

The voice we hear (or don’t hear) when we read.

A challenge to the AP Stylebook editors.

Flags from future grammar wars.

An Australian Kriol explainer.

Emily Dickinson Lexicon.

An alcohol language corpus.

The truth about speed-reading.

Linguistic analysis of Twin Peaks dialogue.

How to make anyone (appear to) say anything.

Conjunction or preposition? The grammar of than.

Beyoncé’s use of African American English in ‘Formation’.

Using neural networks to analyse 50k fonts and create new ones.

Euphemisms and weird interjections in The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Has wondering when become a thing became a thing become a thing?

Anatoly Liberman: hunting unknown etymologies.

Happy fifth birthday, Superlinguo.

Farewell and thanks, Bookslut.

Is none singular or plural?

15 Responses to Link love: language (66)

  1. Jane Solomon says:

    I always love your link love posts!

  2. Will revisit this page and read more of the linked posts. Thank you

  3. John Cowan says:

    The BBC post on weird names in Great Britain didn’t mention my favorite, Roseberry Topping (a hill in Yorkshire). Believe it or not, Roseberry is from Wodensbeorg ‘Woden/Odin’s mountain’, very thoroughly disguised.

    • Stan Carey says:

      That’s quite a disguise – I’d never have guessed. I’ve always loved weird place names. As a child I would scan maps for strange terms, and I still do sometimes.

  4. egbertstarr says:

    On the West Coast, Express Lines are for customers with Fewer than 12 times; on the East, it’s Less. I didn’t have any more than six or seven avocados in my basket anymore. I went back home and binged on them. And then there was…And then there were…

  5. astraya says:

    As if I didn’t have enough reasons to procrastinate already!

  6. Dan L-K says:

    The Link Love posts are always a welcome reason to swell my open tab count.

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