Link love: language (67)

A selection of items and bite ’ems of linguistic interest found around the internet in recent weeks. Some are short, some long; all are good, or at any rate interesting. Three are from The Toast, because it’s toast <sniff>.

Nifty is a nifty word.

The birth of a book cover.

The linguistics of Black Lives Matter.

On the use – and overuse – of the dash.

How a modern multilingual army works.

Nicknames and gender in medieval England.

Mom and dad as new internet slang.

A short history of swearing.

Emoji aren’t a language – they’re more like gesture.

What what3words (now official in Mongolia) tells us about words.

Language change and prescriptivism in France.

On the use of racist vocabulary in fiction.

Theresa and other sibilant names.

Some countable grey areas.


Guv as a term of address.

Postal addresses around the world.

How to identify languages at a glance.

Podcast: What does it mean to sound Black?

Capitals out, swearwords in: a journalist’s legacy.

Scots is not just ‘standard English with changed vowels’.

Contrary to reports, the full stop is not dead.

Punctuation peeving and posturing.

The linguistics of band names.

How to style online text.

Playing the [X] card.

Family language.

Why it’s not ‘just a joke’.

Typography in Blade Runner.

Swearing in Early Modern English.

Real vocabulary, not language myths.

The problem with minims in Gothic script.

The parlance of pilots – an ode to Aviation English.

Language-learning and the decolonisation of the mind.

Two linguists explain the pseudo–Old English in The Wake.

There are no certainties in editing, only judgements.

Why the Cornish language should be supported.

The art of translating foreign fiction.

How not to teach grammar.

Your words may predict your future mental health:


[Archive of language linkfests]

7 Responses to Link love: language (67)

  1. Timothy Gwyn says:

    Food for thought. Brain stuffed. Will be burping tidbits for weeks.

  2. […] via Link love: language (67) — Sentence first […]

  3. astraya says:

    Thanks! I’m honoured. I didn’t see that link in the list above, last night, so didn’t know about it till I saw an email from WordPress this morning.

  4. John Cowan says:

    Man, that what3words scheme is absolutely horrible: it has no error correction worth mentioning. I work at races.branded.paths in NYC, but mis-addressed mail for me might end up at race.brand.paths in Maryland, or races.brand.paths in Illinois, or races.brands.paths in Minnesota, or race.brands.paths in Houston, or races.branded.path in Arizona, or races.brand.path just outside Las Vegas, or race.brand.path in Limerick, or race.brands.path in London, or races.brands.path in Hull, or race.branded.paths in Scotland. A slight mishearing could send me mail at races.stranded.paths in Somalia or braces.branded.paths in Tomsk. And so on. I certainly hope it never catches on.

    I note that Mongolia uses the Cyrillic alphabet, so these English words would be only somewhat better than Chinese characters to them.

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