Link love: language (69)

As usual I’ve left it late to do a linkfest, so I have a bumper crop of 50 language links for you this month. There are more podcasts than usual, so you can spare your eyes and treat your ears between reads.

54 Irish curses.

Slang family trees.

The tragedy of Google Books.

Interactive speech synthesiser.

How etymology can help your spelling.

Podcasts about language and linguistics.

The thing is is that ‘is is’ is surprisingly common.

Free e-book (PDF): Applied Sociolinguistics (1984), ed. Peter Trudgill.

Language use and names in classical Rome (podcast).

‘Good grammar’ comes from privilege, not virtue.

Samtaims ai vonder if inglis spiiking piipöl…

Language and feral children (podcast).

The fish name etymology database.

A user’s guide to my stupid name.

A cryosphere glossary.

Peevery epitomised.

Have a panini.

(The) more fool me/I.

Horse creature and bull beast.

The strange grammar of innit.

World Wide Words says goodbye.

Heroes of Slang: Mary ‘Moll’ Frith.

Digitising the giant 1660 Klencke Atlas.

‘Socially aware’ woke dates back decades in African American slang.

Why the dictionary shouldn’t have narrative interest (podcast).

What being an editor taught me about writing.

DoggoLingo is 12/10 memetic as h*ck.

The linguistic trickery of false friends.

The bread and butter of collocations.

Irish mammies’ way with words.

The grammar of needs must.

A pretty good adverb.



The pragmatics of ‘Sure.’

A life ruined by a police typo.

The dark side of grammar pedantry.

Enough with the dog-whistle editing.

The oral paradigm and Snapchat (PDF).

Irish spelling is less weird if you start with Latin.

BBC’s The Why Factor on linguistic relativity (podcast).

Women and young people are unfairly criticised for their speech.

Self-organisation in the spelling of English suffixes (PDF).

How our 23-letter alphabet came to add j, u, and w.

A Sonic Atlas of English Language (PDF).

The euphemism treadmill (podcast).

What makes a language evolvable?

The fraught world of bird-naming.

The history of soever words.

Resumptive pronouns.


Want more? There are 68 previous instalments in the link-love archive.


5 Responses to Link love: language (69)

  1. astraya says:

    Thank you. I’m honoured to be in such company.

    As usual, I’ll now spend far too long reading some/most/all of these rather than doing everything else I should be doing.

  2. […] on the interweb is Sentence First, by Stan Carey. Occasionally he posts a list of links to other language-related articles and blog posts. His most recent Link love contains a link to a recent post of […]

  3. Beth says:

    This is great, and I hope you might like Radio 4 Word of Mouth too…

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