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Link love: language (70)


For your reading, listening, and viewing pleasure, here are some language-related links that have caught my eye in recent weeks, or rather months – it has been ages since I did a linkfest.

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Why writing matters.

EU English after Brexit.

Stealth marketing for editors.

The drit, or dirt, on metathesis.

Clotilde Olyff’s pebble alphabet.

Towards a new vocabulary of nature.

Emily Wilson’s radical Odyssey translation.

Editing can make all the difference to a book.

Why white people should never rap the n-word.

How Irish nature words connect us to history and place.

How the suffix -tron captured the spirit of a technological age.

What happens in the brain when an adult learns to read.

The strange language of Harvey Weinstein’s denial.

How America gained linguistic independence.

UK/US differences in optional comma use.

Ancient Greek and the relativity of colour.

The problem of naming Macedonia.

The commonest speech sounds.

Appalachian English.

How is the gun emoji used? 🔫

Babies, accents, and phonemes.

A primer on Proto-Indo-European.

Bias in automatic speech recognition.

What do you call this kitchen implement?

How deaf people ‘hear’ voice-hallucinations.

How Buffy used intensifiers for characterisation.

The aims of Unicode and the complications of emoji.

Why so many languages, and why so unevenly distributed?

Our pupils change size when we read words that refer to light.

The murky relationship between swearing and honesty.

Verbatim has given rise to the noun and verb verbate.

The Australian National Dictionary is now online.

Urban Dictionary is full of racism and sexism.

Behind the scenes at Macquarie Dictionary.

Some language evolution seems random.

Strunk & White, debunked just right.

Standard lexical sets in emoji form.

A disastrous translation into Irish.

Anthony Burgess and slang.

The science of lying.

Cher, the queen of emoji.

How to approach editing erotica.

The pragmatics of Corbynite slang.

A history of wooden alphabet blocks.

Learning linguistics by inventing a language.

Thoughts and prayers, not prayers and thoughts.

Confusion over understatement is hard to overstate.

The story of Australian clippings. (My post on these.)

Medieval manuscripts are yielding rich biological information.

The meaning of statistically significant may be about to change.

An interview with sociolinguist Sali Tagliamonte:

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