Link love: language (73)

For your reading (and listening and viewing) pleasure, a selection of items on language and linguistics that caught my eye (and my ear) in recent weeks:


Endangered alphabets.

How children use emoji.

The rise of ‘accent softening’.

Settling a grammar dispute (or not).

Finding room for unnameable things.

En Clair: a podcast on forensic linguistics.

The z in Boyz n the Hood as a key cultural signifier.

Macmillan’s unique Thesaurus now has its own website.

How bite configuration changed human speech (Discussion).

A brief visual history of British and Irish languages.

The many benefits of resurrecting lost languages.

Is the Middle Finger a phallic gesture?

Dog whistles in political discourse.

Who is the patron saint of slang?

How words enter the OED.

An A­–Z of silent letters.

The Editing Podcast.

Code-switching: an overview.

The translator’s ambiguous role.

In praise of the literary translator.

The connotations of virtue signalling.

Dark speech’ in medieval Irish writing.

How a writer rediscovered her native Igbo.

The people who speak Dothraki and High Valyrian.

How novelists are treating new modes of communication.

Measuring the difference between a language and a dialect.

Why use a dictionary when you can Google a word?

Psychologists solve a mystery of songbird learning.

New trend in academia: fake co-authors.

An accent from the End of the Middle.

Understanding people’s final words.

Understanding babies’ first words.

The importance of book smell.

The Pompey (Portsmouth) dialect:

Emily Wilson on why and how she translated The Odyssey:

[archived language links]


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