Link love: language (75)

A fresh batch of linguistic items for your listening, viewing, and reading (lots of reading) pleasure. There are a few new language podcasts on the scene, but I’ll save those for a separate post.


On gibberish.

An auditory illusion.

The etymology of Triscuit.

On capitalizing Black and White.

Free ebook: Making Sense of “Bad English”.

A brief history of strange English street names.

The social value of linguistic creativity in a pandemic.

Using the Irish language on a headstone in England.

Stop congratulating yourself on your grammar.

On the phrase ‘officer-involved shooting’.

Fake accents in film and TV (podcast).

Controversy over Scots Wikipedia.*

A brief history of word games.

The Irish accent (podcast).

Ladybird: ‘God’s cow.’

The syntax of wild swimming.

Some advice on nature writing.

How taboo led to our words for wolf.

Slang in the 19thC American flash press.

The co-evolution of language and teaching.

Emoji are now defined in Macmillan Dictionary.

How Covid-19 is changing Englishes around the world.

Wonderful interview with Anna Burns about writing.

Disfluent fonts’ don’t seem to benefit memory.

The necessity (or not) of swearing in fiction.

Tracking the semantic change of cheeky.

Gadzooks! Oaths for the squeamish.

Racial bias in soccer commentary.

Racial bias in sports journalism.

*discusses memes in linguist*

Literary family feuds.

Cajuns in Louisiana.

Country vs. countryside.

Who uses the term Latinx?

Formatting thoughts in fiction.

OED on the language of Covid-19.

The grammar of singular they (podcast).

Zhuzh and other adventures in spelling /ʒ/.

Why some people are rejecting the term BAME.

How Karen became shorthand for white entitlement.

Two Irish authors on life and writing in the pandemic.


* Update: The fiasco over Scots Wikipedia has rallied people and organizations to take action, as summarized in this Twitter thread.


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2 Responses to Link love: language (75)

  1. Sean Jeating says:

    Fine jubilee collection, Stan.

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