Link love: language (76)

A selection of language-themed links for your listening, viewing, and (mostly) reading pleasure.


How to say chorizo.

History of the asterisk.

Emoji time 🕙 is meaningless.

Bookselling in the End Times.

Neopronouns: a beginner’s guide.

New Covid-inspired German words.

The linguistic construction of terrorists.

Boyo-wulf: Beowulf translated into Cork slang.

Farewell to origins-of-speech blog Babel’s Dawn.

Anne Enright on the language of sexual violence.

Buffalo buffalo buffalo? “Cod cod cod cod cod cod cod.”

The Fate of Books, a new blog on book-collecting and libricide.

The first major English-Irish dictionary published since 1959.

Historical Thesaurus of English, second edition, is now live.

Free lessons in ancient Indo-European languages.

Introducing the Macmillan Collocations Dictionary.

A history of swearing in Australia (podcast).

The languages that defy auto-translate.

What makes a bonzer etymology?

Word of Mouth podcast on editing.

The ethical life of euphemisms.

Tolkien’s work on the OED.

Hollerin’ in Southern USA.

On the value of editing.

A brief history of jab.

xkcd on linguists:

xkcd cartoon with three frames and a long caption. Frame 1: A stick figure of a woman (blonde hair, ponytail, no other details) is walking and turns around when she hears a voice call out: 'Help! I fell down a hole!' Frame 2: She runs to the hole. Frame 3: Kneeling at the hole, she puts her hands to her mouth and calls down: 'Hey! Is "fell down a hole" exactly equivalent to "fell in a hole" in your usage? Or do they have slightly different implications?' Caption: 'There's a myth that linguists are pedants who love correcting people, but they're actually just enthusiastic about understanding language in all its infinite varieties, which is much worse.'

On woke.

Abrdn? Srsly?

Etymology of trash.

The grammar of touch.

Ode to –e (the adj-y affix).

History of 14 doggy phrases.

The origin and status of Eskimo.

The linguistics of wanna and gotta.

What makes a usage correct or not?

Gender-neutral language in Germany.

We bad-mouth – why not good-mouth?

France has made accent discrimination illegal.

Foclóir Aiteach: Queer Dictionary in Irish English.

Happy 10th birthday to Green’s Dictionary of Slang.

Code-switching as a social strategy or necessity (podcast).

And finally, a channel of bite-size book history:


[archive of language links]

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  1. Josh R says:

    Stan, many thanks for the links. And your efforts in formatting have not gone unnoticed!

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