Astronished: postcard art for the Hunt Museum

December 3, 2009

In 2006 the Hunt Museum in Limerick had a fundraising event called ‘Hunt the Postcard’ (at the Hunt). Blank postcards were distributed to hundreds of artists, who returned them with art on one side and their name on the other. These were exhibited anonymously over two days, then they were sold, with the proceeds going

to help the disadvantaged communities of the mid-west with a special emphasis on children so that they can visit the Museum and enjoy its varied exhibitions, along with all its educational programmes. [via]

A worthy cause, I’m sure you’ll agree. Last weekend they did it again, and I was delighted to be among the contributing artists (PDF). Ellen Dudley had seen some of my collages at an event she hosted on business and creativity, and she sent me two blank postcards along with guidelines from the museum.

One card was for an artist friend of mine; the other was for me to do my worst. When I had finished I decided it wasn’t my worst, so I called it ‘Astronished’, took its photo, and sent it off. The collage fills the postcard; the border is just a white page used for contrast when I photographed it:



You can click to enlarge it. I wonder if it sold, and if it did, who bought it. And why. This is just idle curiosity, but if you’re reading, do say hello. The Hunt Museum’s website has a brief notice about the event, written before last weekend. Questions, comments, and criticism are welcome.