Book spine poem: Mice

May 19, 2016



White jazz in a café:
Nocturnes, still life –
The mouse and his child
Loitering with intent.


stan carey book spine poem mice

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Bookmark jazz

September 26, 2010
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These are two sides of a simple bookmark I made for a friend a couple of years ago. Sometimes I forget to take photographs of collages before they disappear; more often I remember but take inadequate care to do so properly (note the Dutch angle, the unsuitable background). Still, it’s fun to remember them.

Link love: jazz

April 3, 2009

As the weekend slopes in, it would be unseemly to assail my readers with another lump of linguistics, so I have decided to add music to this blog. I begin with jazz. Strictly speaking, one of the following songs is more bossa nova than jazz, and one or two others are more funk or fusion. On the other hand they are all jazzy enough, except perhaps for one, and jazz does not speak strictly.

To those of you who are not jazz fans, but might be, fear not: nothing below is too squeaky, frenetic or outré. Most of the songs are old but still sound fresh, even the Four Freshmen’s; if you want something new, skip to the last song. All of the videos bar one are hosted on YouTube, and a few are embedded in the blog. There are also links to the musicians’ home pages or online biographies.

Swing me to the jazz