Top 100 language lovers 2014

May 25, 2014

Language portal is having its annual “Language Lovers” poll. I’ve placed well in recent years but I don’t read much into the results; nor should you. Twitter’s “Follow Friday” is used as a scoring metric, for example, despite being as spammy and arbitrary as it is edifying.

Still, it’s a bit of fun and a fine way to discover new language-related resources. You can vote for Sentence first – or a blog of your choice – in the Language Professionals poll, and if you’re feeling generous you can vote for @StanCarey in the Language Twitter Accounts poll.

Macmillan Dictionary Blog, to which I’m a contributor, appears in the Language Learning Blogs list. There’s good browsing material on all these pages. For more information about the competition, go here. Voting ends on 9 June. top language lovers

May 23, 2013

Language portal is holding its annual competition of top language lovers, and Sentence first is honoured to appear in the Language Professionals category.

Click the image below to see the 100 shortlisted (if that’s not an oxymoron) and vote for Sentence first or another blog of your choice:

Vote the Top 100 Language Professional Blogs 2013

My Twitter page (@StanCarey) was also selected, so if you’re feeling generous you can vote for me here:

Vote the Top 100 Language Twitterer 2013

Though I placed respectably last year (see the badges in the sidebar), my expectations in these contests are modest; tireless self-promotion is not my strong point. But they’re a good way to find new language writers, and they’re also an opportunity to welcome new visitors.

Finally, if you’re in a voting or browsing kind of mood, there are also polls for Facebook pages and language-learning blogs. The latter includes Macmillan Dictionary Blog, to which I contribute regular posts.

Two poems, two polls

May 22, 2012

You might remember the Monster A Day drawing blog that prompted my short verse about a whispering shell. Here are two more whimsical rhymes, best read in tandem with the lovely illustrations.

‘The monster that waits in the cupboard of an abandoned house’:

In a comfy cupboard on the quietest floor
Of an empty house with the creakiest door
Sits a great big thing with its furry face stuck
In the cosy excitement of a paperback book.

‘The monster that steals your socks… for sock races!’

You’re probably wondering what happens your sock
When it darts with a blur past the grandfather clock.
I’ll tell you: your foot’s not the favourite place
Of a sock that just wants to be sock-monster-raced!


On an unrelated note, I’m honoured to be included in Lexiophiles’ top language professional blogs and top language Twitter accounts 2012. Many thanks to the kind reader(s) who nominated me.

You can browse the lists for languagey goodness, and you can vote for me at Sentence first and @StanCarey, or for whatever takes your fancy.

Update: The results are in, and this blog and my Twitter page both placed respectably: #21 in the language blogs, #14 in the language Twitterers. Considering I mentioned it only in passing, and tweeted about it just once, I’m quite amazed. Thanks to all who voted, and to and Lexiophiles for the fun and games.

Lexiophiles’ top language blogs

May 29, 2010

Lexiophiles have announced the results of their poll/competition for the top language blogs of 2010. I was very honoured to see Sentence first at no. 62 on the overall list, from a total of 495 blogs nominated and over 20,000 votes counted.

Top 100 Language Blogs 2010

The top 100 is a fascinating list, dominated by blogs on teaching and translation but with a few names familiar to browsers of my blogroll. (There’s no way to make that phrase sound pleasant.) I look forward to investigating some of the unfamiliar blogs on the list.

To everyone who voted, thank you; and to my new visitors, welcome!

[Previously: Lexiophilia]


May 14, 2010

Lexiophiles got in touch recently to say that they had compiled their annual lists of top 100 language blogs, and that Sentence first appears in the Language Professionals category. To the kind and mysterious reader (or readers) who nominated this blog: thank you! I’m in illustrious company, and am delighted to see Sentence first appear alongside some of my favourite language blogs.

Lexiophiles’ event, like the Irish Blog Awards, is a fun and handy way to discover new reading material; more specifically, it’s a great way to find new routes through which to explore language. Voting takes place from 12–24 May. Public votes count for 50% of the total; Lexiophiles score the other 50% based on their ranking criteria. To vote for Sentence first or another blog, click here or on the image below, and follow the simple directions.

Vote the Top 100 Language Professionals Blogs 2010

For your browsing pleasure, the other categories are Language Learning, Language Teaching, and Language Technology. You can follow related discussion on Twitter through the hashtag #tlb2010.