Book spine poem: Memory

April 6, 2023

A new book spine poem (aka bookmash).



So I am glad our story begins:
Speak, memory, the forgotten language,
Clear the mist in the mirror,
The unreality of memory going dark,
The shadow of the sun across a
Billion years, far from the light
Of heaven.


A stack of 11 books, their spines facing out to form a colourful found poem. The background is white. The authors and titles are as follows: A. L. Kennedy, So I am Glad; Tobias Wolff, Our Story Begins; Vladimir Nabokov, Speak, Memory; Erich Fromm, The Forgotten Language; Nicola Barker, Clear; Susan Hill, The Mist in the Mirror; Elisa Gabbert, The Unreality of Memory; Julia Ebner, Going Dark; Ryszard Kapuściński, The Shadow of the Sun; Robert Silverberg, Across a Billion Years; and Tade Thompson, Far from the Light of Heaven.

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