A contradictory undertaking

February 24, 2011


Will this lead to a state of limbo?

Dancer on the door

November 17, 2010

A ballerina appeared on a door on Dominick Street in Galway last year.



Sadly, she’s not there any more.



I think she clicked her heels three times…



…and woke up somewhere else.



[Note: I took the fourth photo on 18 November 2010 and edited the post to include it.]

Autumn leaves for winter

November 4, 2009

Please forgive the pun in the title. Once it arose, it could not be resisted. Here is a view from a garden in the countryside last weekend:

Stan Carey - autumn leaves


More leaves, same garden:

Stan Carey - more autumn leaves


This blue tit spent a lot of time flitting about in the tree outside my window yesterday. Plenty of green-leaf cover for this time of year!

Stan Carey - blue tit


Edited to include this (cropped) photo of a seal that watched me watching it in Galway Bay a few weeks ago:

Stan Carey - seal in Galway Bay


Finally, a church window that seems to be wearing headphones after a recent shower:

Stan Carey - DJ Church Window


I have a few longer posts half written, but their completion will have to wait: I’m currently bedevilled by a head cold that has left me incapable of thinking properly. Luckily, though, my ability to see imaginary DJs on the sides of buildings has not been impaired.

Although my writing has been severely curtailed, my Twittering has not. It will take more than an eruption of sniffing, sneezing, snuffling and snorting to stop me micro-blogging. So if you want to pass a few idle moments, you’ll find links and more on my Twitter page. What passes for normal service on Sentence first will soon be resumed.

Swanlike boat, boatlike swan

July 20, 2009

Swanlike boat:

Stan Carey - swanlike boat in Galway

Boatlike swan:

Stan Carey - boatlike swan in Galway

These two photos and the next one were taken last weekend in Galway, Ireland. Photos no.4 to 6 are a bit older. Post edited to add two more photos, one from yesterday and one from March.

Here’s where the boat was (view from Nimmo’s Pier):

[click for more]

Moonwalking into the second dimension

July 6, 2009

Stan Carey - moonwalking man on construction sign

Some elements of this sign show impressive attention to detail. Note for example the sharp heel, the deft facial profile, and the dynamic leading leg that evokes a pleasant but purposeful stroll by this pictogram-about-town. These careful features lead me to puzzle all the more about his crude claws and anatomically improbable following leg.

Best of all, though, is the incongruence of his choice of direction with respect to the giant authoritative arrow. Is he heedless or contrary, or is he some kind of subversive entity? Or do my eyes deceive me, and is he in fact breezily moonwalking his way away from the danger zone?

There are mysteries everywhere.

Secure broadband connection not guaranteed

May 28, 2009

Stan Carey - secure broadband connection not guaranteed

Abandoned corners are not usually so colourful. I hope this one remains abandoned to whatever creatures and vegetation can eke out a life in there.